articles by Varun Aggarwal


Missing migrant voters in India and why they matter; states with higher rates of migration known to have lower voter turnouts

What happens when you combine the world's largest democratic exercise with the world's largest migrant population? The second phase of polling in 2019 Lok Sabha elections are a few days away, but a significant number of Indian voters who will be excluded from this process are the migrants.


Uttar Pradesh’s missing voters: Agricultural labourers move due to low incomes; Muslims, SC/STs in search of jobs

According to the latest Ministry of External Affairs data, Uttar Pradesh is the top origin state for migrant labourers in the Gulf.


Startups in India fail to move the needle; things could change if firms can draw on research

Only a critical mass of researchers, who become entrepreneurs, consultants and manpower for the industry can bring about a change.