articles by Vaishnavi Sundar


Killing Eve to Cruella, a new wave of pop culture offerings could undo problematic depictions of female villainy

As Killing Eve's creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge surmises, to enjoy watching a woman stab, torture and batter on screen — and find it empowering — says something about women’s position in society.


Cinematographer Modhura Palit on being the first Indian to receive the Angenieux award at Cannes

Modhura Palit speaks about the limited validation and recognition given to technicians behind the camera, as well as the bias faced by women who choose to become cinematographers


Commitment to feminism must reflect in our actions, not be confined to lip service: A filmmaker speaks

'What irks me is being let down by my own kind, and the allies that claim to fight the same fight. You are pulling the rug from under some of our feet, and I am speaking for a whole lot of us,' writes Vaishnavi Sundar.