articles by Utpal Kumar


Rakhigarhi reveals India was never just a ‘refugee colony’, but govt won’t let the nation write its own history

Last week, archaeologists discovered a 5,000-year-old jewellery factory in Haryana’s Rakhigarhi village and ruled out external attacks as the reason for abandonment of this largest Harappan settlement excavated so far


How British conspired with Gandhians, Nehruvians and Marxists to tamper with the DNA of Hindus

Just like Nehruvian secularism, making a religious cult out of non-violence was one of the biggest frauds committed against Hindus and Hinduism


If Britain’s Christian roots don’t turn it theocratic, how will India’s Hindu identity make it less secular, democratic?

Hasan Suroor’s ‘Unmasking Indian Secularism’, despite several shortcomings, is an important book. It at least makes a plea, even if grudgingly, to move India towards its roots, to stop denying its core Hindu identity


USCIRF has deep Pakistani links, but why is West so willing to push vacuous anti-India narrative?

The United States wants a democracy in India that’s subservient to its interests. Narendra Modi’s India isn’t that. And that is the crux of the problem


‘The Modi Gambit’: A book that helps understand the idea of ‘modified’ India

Sanju Verma’s book, ‘The Modi Gambit’ explains why the Narendra Modi phenomenon is neither a fluke, nor the result of the much-talked-about TINA factor in Indian politics


The Dalit Files: How Dalits and outcastes have been much more than just ‘depressed classes’

If Hinduism is surviving today, a lot of credit should go to the sacrifices silently made by Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes


How communal flare-up in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri exposes liberal, intellectual and even political ineptitude

Riots take place when an ideology believes in its exclusivity; their frequency increases when others, in reaction, too start asserting themselves. Such flare-ups also happen when perpetrators believe they can get away with such crimes


The Brahmin Files: Why atrocities on Brahmins remain one of the best-kept secrets in independent India

From Maharashtra where Brahmins were killed and their homes and hearths selectively destroyed after Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, to Tamil Nadu where being a Brahmin became a challenge post DMK victory in 1967 — the list is long and disturbing


Interview | 1921 Moplah rebellion was jihad against Hindus, its crushing ensured India didn’t lose Malabar region forever, says CI Issac

ICHR member CI Issac says that the Moplah rebellion was never a part of the Independence struggle, but a fundamentalist movement aimed at setting up an Islamist caliphate


Interview | Kumble wasn’t treated well and the entire saga could have been handled 100 times better: Ex-CoA chief Vinod Rai

Vinod Rai, who was the head of the Committee of Administrators in the BCCI, talks about his new book on his innings in the cricket board and various issues that he dealt with during his 33-month tenure


Interview | We are secular because India is a Hindu-majority nation: Bhupender Yadav

Union Minister Bhupender Yadav and economist Ila Patnaik talk about their new book that traces the BJP’s evolution, its historic win in Uttar Pradesh, and of course the party’s Hindutva connection


Halal hegemony: How the issue is not just about food choices, but ban is not the answer

As the ongoing Himalaya controversy suggests, halal isn’t just about food. It’s about normalising the Islamic way of life.


The great Nehruvian myth-making: How Nehru wasn’t that secular, humanist and democrat as made out to be

Jawaharlal Nehru distrusted Hinduism and Hindu organisations, admired Stalin and Mao, mocked Tibetan refugees, and occasionally distorted India’s federal structure


Nehru was liberal, no doubt — but only with those he was comfortable with

During the heyday of Nehruism, books were banned, and people were jailed for contrarian views. And his discomfort with unfettered press freedom is well recorded.


The Kashmir Files moment: When communists killed thousands of untouchables in Bengal but no one talked about it

Forty-two years down the line, Marichjhapi is still seeking justice. Like the Pandits of Kashmir, these children of lesser gods have been shabbily treated and their history of genocide completely sanitised


The Kashmir Files talks about one genocide, but what about others confined to whispers and whisperers?

Kashmiri Pandits aren’t the only victims of genocide in India. There are many others — and they too want a voice of their own to be out in the public, beyond the confines of whispers and whisperers


Nehruvian secularism places Muslims not as equals but as a permanent minority to Hindus: Arif Mohammad Khan

The Kerala Governor says that the kind of secularism pursued in India creates distrust among Hindus and Muslims, placing one against another as competitors for national resources


How 2022 UP win puts Yogi on national stage for 2029 — and he may be challenged by Kejriwal

The real significance for 2022 UP results is not 2024 but 2029, for which the BJP already has a leader in Yogi Adityanath. Kejriwal, if he plays well and with patience, could become his opposition


Ukraine lessons for India: Being good is one thing, but that’s no guarantee for good image

It’s time India took appropriate lessons from the Ukraine war and set its narrative-making machinery in order. For, what the Russians are facing today, India may find itself in a similar situation in future, especially vis-à-vis China


How Xi’s friend Joe hastens the beginning of end of Pax Americana with his Putin obsession

It was imprudent on the part of the American administration to first corner Vladimir Putin, knowing well that he gives much more than he gets, and then making Ukraine a prestige issue