articles by Tufail Ahmad


Democracy In India Part 1: BJP, Congress prioritise community over individual, use caste and religion to enslave citizens

In this process of interplay between identity and politics, BJP may have learnt from the Congress, which is beginning to re-learn the same: This time from the BJP. Such identity politics will continue for the foreseeable future. In Indian democracy, the individual stands defeated.


Nature of Indian polity and lack of education means India will not groom Muslim leaders like the UK's Sadiq Khan

BJP is using Hindutva to divide Muslims and Hindus, much like secular parties like Congress used the distorted practice of secularism to divide Indians.


Absolute liberty for Hadiya: Family, as an idea, must die as carrier of casteism, communalism, patriarchy

Similar cases are regularly reported from across India where youths are killed by family members for marrying outside religion and caste.


King Abdullah, Amitabh Bachchan's advocacy of moderation over extremism matters in these polarising times

It's relevant that Amitabh Bachchan and Jordan King Abdullah's speeches be understood for the message the two thought leaders sought to convey on extremism.


Jihadi cleric Syed Salman Husaini Nadvi's reasons for shifting Babri Masjid are as complicated as his ideology

How should we understand radical Islamic cleric Salman Nadvi when he surprises everyone by advocating a compromise to move the Babri mosque from Ayodhya?


Escape of Naveed Jaat: From smartphones to stacks of books, Indian jails offer ill-justified luxuries to terror convicts

It is common knowledge that criminals and politicians lodged in jails across India enjoy the luxury of good foods and smartphones.


Kerala woman Imam leads Friday prayers, faces threats: Irrespective of Islamic doctrines, Jamida's liberty must be defended

Irrespective of Islamic doctrinal positions on this issue, Jamida's action shows us that cause of liberty is itself a goal of civilisation in modern times.


MEMRI releases family reform bill, aims to raise awareness among Muslims on religious issues

Under the MEMRI Reform in the Muslim World project, the Middle East Media Research Institute is publishing this draft Muslim Family Reforms Bill, 2018, to raise awareness among the public and lawmakers of India about a host of issues concerning religious laws and practices among Indian Muslims.


Haj subsidy scrapped: Welfare policies only for Muslim girls will perpetuate appeasement politics

The Narendra Modi government's decision to end Haj subsidy — the nature and amount of which Mecca-bound Muslim pilgrims never knew — has been welcomed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. India is a secular state.


Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to India: Despite country's UN vote on Jerusalem, ties with Israel will remain strong

Benjamin Netanyahu's six-day visit to India comes at a time when the two countries' ties are left with a bit of a sour taste in mouth.


Triple talaq Bill is flawed in its present form; Rajya Sabha must amend it or send it to the dustbin

In its current form, the triple talaq Bill is designed to keep the issue alive for electoral and political purposes. It is definitely not a reform in Muslim family law.


Triple talaq bill: Government bulldozing its way through Lok Sabha shows its animus towards Indian Muslims

The triple talaq bill is, quite simply, the BJP’s approach to delegitimise Indian Muslims. The proposed legislation has its roots in hatred of Muslims being nursed in our political culture.


Criminalising triple talaq: BJP appears to be more interested in playing politics than helping Muslim women

The issue is not the instant triple talaq. The real issue is that a Muslim husband is barred from seeking divorce through courts.


Arrest of Saudi Arabian royals will send state down reformist path, serve as role model for Islamic clerics

Saudi Arabia's sweeping arrests of 11 princes, including the billionaire investor prince Alwaleed bin Talal, four ministers and tens of former ministers is set to send the Saudi state down a reformist path.


SC verdict on triple talaq denies justice to likes of Shayara Bano as order remains ambiguous on 3-month divorce

The Supreme Court's decision to declare the practice of Triple Talaq as unconstitutional is a milestone in the Muslim women's rights movement in India.


Fatwas restrict individual's constitutional freedom, India must create laws to insulate citizens

The latest fatwa expelling JD(U) leader Feroz Ahmad from Islam for saying Jai Shree Ram shows how practices such as fatwas impact Constitutional freedoms of Indian Muslims


Equality in Islam is limited to Muslim brotherhood, excludes non-Muslims until they live under Sharia rule

The concept of equality in Islam, as understood by Muslims, has always been 'Islamic equality', or equality between Muslims only. This excludes equality for non-Muslims.


Abrahamic Hindutva: The religious fundamentalism that is a threat to India's tolerant and pluralist civilisational order

I have used the term "Abrahamic Hindutva" to argue that this civilisational order is under threat from the current generation of the people who long ago evolved these pluralistic concepts, authoured the Vedas and Smritis, and discovered Yoga and Ayurveda.


Narendra Modi in Tel Aviv today: It is time Muslims rethink their idea of Israel

On 4 July, Narendra Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel.


Right and the not-so-Right of lynchings and hatred wrecking India: Political culture defining brand of malice

It is not sufficient that Hindus already govern India because they are insufficiently Hindus — like secular Muslims are declared insufficient Muslims by clerics.