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Endless funerals, people pleading for oxygen; India must etch horrors of COVID-19 in its memory, writes TM Krishna

We are facing our worst moment in modern history, struggling to stay afloat. If we do not show courage and honesty to speak for justice now, we may never be able to recover compassion.


How does Kamala Harris, an African American, Tamil brahmin, raise her voice for BLM while staying mute on caste privilege?

It would be deeply unsettling to see her flaunt her genetic and cultural connection with India, without making a sincere effort to understand its various truths and perspectives — most especially because she is someone who spoke recently of America’s ‘moral reckoning with racism’.


Boycotts and bans are not enough, we must problematise the work of artists who disturb us

Is there and should there be a line that separates the artist from his/her creation?