articles by Suryasarathi Bhattacharya


India's migrant workers are protesting erasure of their rights amid lockdown. A mapping project documents their resistance

The dominant narratives portray India's migrant workers as perpetual victims without agency, who need to be helped out by others. This charity framework misses a crucial dimension of the current crisis, where there have been hundreds of instances where migrant workers came onto the roads protesting the injustices being meted out to them, trying to change the oppressive conditions in which they are forced to live.


Eid in lockdown: Eight Indian photographers document quiet celebrations during coronavirus crisis

Capping a sombre Ramzan, this Eid was unlike any other in recent memory. But in homes across India, families managed to keep the ethos of the festival alive.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Trans community's lives come to standstill, but hope presents itself through welfare initiatives

Many individuals in the trans community, such as the hijras, have lost all sources of income due to the nation-wide lockdown. Social stigma makes it difficult for them to access essential items like food, and many are struggling to pay rent


In 'Lockdown Journal', accounts of daily life during coronavirus outbreak yield moments of beauty, melancholy and hope 

As the tenor of everyday life dimmed across the globe as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak, Sunila Galappatti wondered if this unprecedented experience could be recorded in some way. The Sri Lanka-based dramaturg, theatre director and editor thought of an online Lockdown Journal — a way of “coming together when we can’t meet”.


With Mithila art, women in Nepal's Janakpur brought about a socio-cultural renaissance

Women in Nepal's Janakpur have found a new lease of life, full of hope, optimism and self-worth, by taking to the region's ancient traditional art of Mithila painting.


Alexander Gorlizki on his new retrospective and finding inspiration in the 'intimacy' of Indian miniature art

Inspired by Indian miniature painting, Alexander Gorlizki combines the surreal and the mundane in a series of paintings, textiles and sculptural objects.


Kalyan Varma's documentation of the Dhangars reveals existential threat facing pastoral tribe

Noted wildlife photographer and filmmaker Kalyan Varma first got a chance to explore the lives of Dhangars back in 2013. Since then, he has been interacting with the community sporadically over the years, and understanding various facets of their everyday existence.


Public clocks of Bombay: In documenting the city's timekeepers, musings on the nature of time 

How assisting Chirodeep Chaudhuri for a project on the city's public clocks evolved into a meditation on time, and memory | Surysarathi Bhattacharya writes


Poet whose Uber ride ended at police station for espousing anti-CAA view: 'Can't normalise going to jail for having an opinion'

Soon after starting his trip on an Uber cab, while speaking to one of his friends over the phone, Bappadittya Sarkar was turned in to the cops by the cab driver over suspicions of him being a "communist" and indulging in anti-national activities.


The Grudge actress Lin Shaye on working in the horror film: 'My scenes make me squirm every time I see them'

As The Grudge releases on Friday, veteran American horror film actor Lin Shaye talks to Firstpost about why she agreed to be a part of the franchise.


Goa Photo Festival chronicles the pathos in people's lives, their private spaces, and food practices

The third edition of Goa International Photography Festival was held from 6 to 8 December in the village of Aldona (North Goa), known for its rich architectural heritage, which later inspired the overall theme of the festival — of working with 'living heritage'.


Christmas in Cavel: Bombay Balchão author Jane Borges shares community's festive delicacies

Mumbai-based journalist and author Jane Borges' book Bombay Balchao is an ode to Cavel's cosmopolitan Christian community. Jane gives us a glimpse of Christmas in Cavel.


Citizenship Amendment Bill: Senior Urdu journalist Shirin Dalvi returns her State Sahitya Akademi Award in protest

With this bill, it seems access to Indian citizenship is reserved for all communities barring Muslims, Shirin Dalvi says in an interview to Firstpost.


With The Class of 83, Hussain Zaidi departs from the world of gangsters to write about encounter specialists

S Hussain Zaidi, former investigative journalist and author of Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts and Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, launched his new book The Class of 83 and talked about storytelling and writing non-fiction crime during an event at Mumbai's Godrej Culture Lab.


Man, Woman #MeToo: Discovery's new documentary analyses patriarchy and its various ramifications in Indian society

Man, Woman #MeToo features specialists who explain the reasons of India's inherent patriarchy through real-life examples and case studies.


The Borderlands: Hope and loss in a river and shelter homes at India-Bangladesh frontier

In Part 2 of The Borderlands series, filmmaker Samarth Mahajan and his crew travel to the India-Bangladesh frontier to discover how a river serves as both a border and place to meet and fall in love. Here the No Man's Land is owned by individuals, and those who cross into India from Bangladesh are repatriated — a long, arduous process that comes at personal cost.


Kabza, Purabi Bose's documentary, depicts how forest land diversion for mining has impacted indigenous tribes

Kabza is a part of Purabi Bose's non-profit initiative, Landing Together, which is a unique approach of documenting the voices of thousands of unheard stories of indigenous and pastoralist communities.


TM Krishna presents Narayana Guru's poetry set in Carnatic music, underlining the reformer's prevailing relevance

Carnatic vocalist and social commentator TM Krishna will be performing to the works of the 20th-century philosopher-poet-saint and social reformer from Kerala, Narayana Guru.


Irish chef Rachel Allen's show documents recipes from people’s homes, country kitchens along Ireland coastline

Sony BBC Earth's part-travelogue, part-cookery show Rachel's Coastal Cooking features celebrity chef Rachel Allen cook among people and places of Irish coastline.


In exhibition showcasing miniatures of maharajas' costumes, India's rich textile heritage takes centre stage

Geeta Khandelwal's exhibition on miniatures of the costumes of maharajas draws on fabrics, patterns, and styles that span over a hundred years (1850-1950).