articles by Surjith Karthikeyan


How traditional, environment-friendly industries hold the key to India achieving its climate target

Climate change bestows a great opportunity to the industries producing environment-friendly goods, to enhance its potential to meet both domestic and global market expectations


Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide; here’s how one can help contain the silent epidemic

Studies reveal that suicide is one of the second leading causes of death during the second and third decades of life. The same can partially be prevented by limiting accessibility to suicide means


COVID-19 pandemic offers perfect opportunity to improve India's legal system through disruptive tech, here's why

Big data and machine learning can transform how we handle dispute resolution and may do wonders


Air pollution claims over 10 lakh lives every year and yet we tend to ignore it

In India, environmental impact contributes to 30 percent of the deaths, the reasons being infectious, parasitic, neonatal and nutritional issues, non-communicable diseases and injuries