articles by Suresh Bangara


Indian Army to allow women in combat roles: Gender sensitisation, operational caveats must before implementation

Assuming gender sensitisation of Indian Army is undertaken, here is what is needed to the make entry of women in combat roles a success.


Close interaction with allies gives Indian Navy an edge; Beijing must be wary of its presence in South China Sea

Most experts tend to give China the edge on almost all actions taken by Xi Jinping. It is not often that decisions and actions taken by the Indian government are appreciated and supported


Uran alert: From Mumbai to Uri, India's failure to learn from past is the only common thread

After the Uri attack it is clear that India's security problems are linked to improper functioning of parliament & consequently poor formulation of laws.


Leaked documents on Scorpène-class submarine and its implication on the Indian Navy

As far as the timing of this leak is concerned, the competitors of the second line of production are the biggest gainers. It means billions of dollars worth of business at a time when both economy and employment are at a critical stage


Chinese checkers: India must act with global community to contain China

Can China be allowed to get away by not abiding by the convention that she voluntarily signed and ratified?


Time for Manohar Parrikar to implement reforms in Ministry of Defence

Having addressed a series of long-pending issues of modernisation and 'Make in India' initiatives, Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar can now seriously get down to the most critical reform related to professionalising the structures of the Ministry of Defence