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The Lost Child: How the abuse prevalent in Muzaffarpur's Balika Griha was brought to light

While the first episode of The Lost Child looked at the abuse prevalent in Muzaffarpur's Balika Griha, the second episode follows up with an interview of Tarique Mohammed, who lead the TISS team through the audit which brought this debacle to light.


The Lost Child: Muzzafarpur's Balika Griha tells a story of rampant abuse, and the apathy that perpetuated it

The first episode of Suno India's The Lost Child traces the abuse of the girls at Muzaffarpur's Balika Griha and the investigation that followed, highlighting the causes that led to such circumstances.


The Lost Child: Suno India and Firstpost present a podcast on the country's child shelter homes

The Lost Child, a series by Suno India supported by Firstpost, gives insight into child shelter homes in India and explores the ground reality of the lives of these young people. The series will ask complex questions as it progresses: Why are shelter homes underfunded and not staffed sufficiently? Why is family restoration through counseling and support not a big priority for the government? What is being done to help children in shelter homes to cope?