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Chhattisgarh attack: Why more troops is not a clever strategy

If the Indian state is to effectively deal with the challenge thrown at it by the Maoists, it needs to get its strategies right. And for that it is necessary to know its enemy.

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Chhattisgarh attack: Why Sonia, Rahul have many lessons to learn

For those who understand how the Maoist mind works, this tactical counter offensive campaign was just waiting to happen.


Chhattisgarh naxal attack: Why political corruption is also to blame

The political leadership - both the Congress at the Centre and the BJP in Chhattisgarh - has failed to handle the Maoist menace. It is no secret that political parties have survived by spot-fixing with the enemy and the leadership has virtually thrown in the towel.


IPL spot-fixing: Is Indian cricket's gen-next learning any lessons?

Not every cricketer becomes a Sachin Tendulkar or an MS Dhoni but today's young players are quite content if they could get to rub shoulders with the stars by being part of an IPL franchise.


Wary Congress treads cautiously on scam-hit Andhra turf

The party is caught in a bind as it can neither afford to adopt different yardsticks for its ministers in New Delhi and Hyderabad nor succumb to opposition pressure.


Understanding Sreesanth: Why he may have given in to temptation

If money was not the attraction, what forced Sreesanth, if he turns out to be guilty, to indulge in spot fixing. Those who have known him during his growing up years in Kochi point to a split personality within Sreesanth.


Why did BCCI fail to spot Sreesanth's shenanigans?

It has been a mix of emotions since Thursday morning -- of feeling let down, cheated, dismayed and sad.


Lessons from Karnataka: Cong must stop backing corrupt leaders in Andhra

The fact that it has allowed individuals named in chargesheets to continue as ministers is evidence that the Congress runs Andhra Pradesh as if it is its fiefdom, without a care for ethics in public life.


Karnataka results: Advani's criticism of BJP reeks of hypocrisy

L K Advani's blogpost which was critical of BJP's governance in Karnataka reeks of hypocrisy. The same party turned a blind eye to the shenanigans of the Reddy brothers because it needed their money.


Deve Gowda, Kumaraswamy mutely watch Siddaramaiah's rise

Siddaramaiah who is likely to be sworn in as chief minister by Monday, will bring to the office rich administrative experience.


Hyderabad road rage: It's time Ram Charan Teja got a dose of reality

Charan needs to be given a dressing down as well, by his father, if not the police. He needs to grow beyond the make-believe world of his films, where he thinks there is no violence unless there is blood sputtering out in gory fight scenes.


Karnataka election: BJP's messy governance helped Cong win

The Karnataka poll results have proved that shoddy governance and political instability are a big no-no as far as the electorate is concerned.


Karnataka poll result KBC: Kaun banega Chief Minister?

A number of politicians are in the fray to become the next chief minister of Karnataka.


Congress set to dethrone BJP in Karnataka

This is an election the Congress will win, despite making every effort to lose the plot.


Yeddy or not: Does Karnataka really care about the corrupt?

The BJP now claims that with the exit of BSY and company, it has been purged of all corrupt elements. Likewise, Yeddyurappa claims that he has left a party that is still full of corrupt elements. A case of pot and the kettle calling each other black?


Will Modi be Karnataka BJP's knight in shining armour?

Narendra Modi's entry into the Karnataka election campaign was quite a will-he-won't-he debate. Given that the BJP government is fighting a strong anti-incumbency sentiment, it was felt that the Gujarat chief minister would not want the taint of a defeat on his Modi-kurta.


Bellary's slow and painful struggle to recovery

At the height of the mining boom in Bellary, more than 10,000 trucks zoomed in and out of the mines everyday to faraway ports.


We, the people of Bangalore, do solemnly affirm...

The National Institute of Political Excellence, a one-of-its-kind school in Karnataka where they train you to be a model politician is not the only novel approach. A group has taken it upon itself to ensure that information on each of the 28 sitting MLAs from Bangalore is available for voters.


In the Republic of Bellary, Reddy is no longer king

Since Janardhana Reddy's arrest in September 2011, the `Republic of Bellary' has all but collapsed and its effects on the Reddy family are there for all to see.


Even after walking 2800 km, Chandrababu Naidu's future remains uncertain

The Telugu Desam chief ends his padyatra in Visakhapatnam today but he will have to wait almost 12 months to get his report card on how much of a success it has been.