articles by Sreemoy Talukdar


Chest-thumping over disengagement is premature: As volatility becomes new normal in India-China ties, get ready for a hotter LAC

As China witnessed an exponential rise in power, its power projection also saw a commensurate rise — an eventuality that India found hard to deal with under the current strategic framework.


Geopolitical chess: India has answered China’s fait accompli with app ban and political signaling; onus now shifts to Beijing

India’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps is an astute move as it circumvents WTO regulations on the question of national security and presents China with few retaliatory options


Rise of a paranoid superpower: Xi Jinping’s China is making costly strategic blunders in pursuit of greatness

China has alienated regional players and given rise to a renewed push for Asian multilateralism underwritten by the US.


India bans Chinese apps: TikTok has many issues but banning it for exposing our cultural problems is pointless and counter-productive

Rather than banning TikTok, one must have honest conversations around the cultural issues that are being reflected on the social media platform, and develop societal solutions


Galwan Valley clash: Five short-term and three long-term ways in which India can contain the Chinese threat

Beyond the short-term objectives, as Sino-Indian relationship turns unambiguously adversarial and hostile, India must appropriately reset its national security and foreign policy strategies.


Galwan Valley Clash: China talks peace after deadly fight; India is left with three difficult options to reverse Beijing's fait accompli

Having claimed sovereignty over Galwan Valley and triggering a gory clash, Xi Jinping will find it difficult to climb down and retreat.


End of reason: Why statue vandalism, thought policing and rise of a 'woke' religion signal decline of liberalism

To a certain extent, this upheaval was due because the US never really got down to confront its racist past the way Germans did.


Why China’s habit of picking fights with India and other middle powers is not a smart strategy

In bullying lesser powers, China is also shaping their strategic choices and forcing the nations into changing their external posture for a greater balancing manoeuvre.


As race riots engulf US and coronavirus toll soars, arc of history bends towards rise of authoritarian China

The Donald Trump administration’s shambolic response to the pandemic stands in contrast with China that has recovered faster, and has been able to tame the virus and kickstart its economy.


Expanding G7: India should see Donald Trump's suggestion as an opportunity, not a geopolitical curveball that might upset China

The India-US security cooperation and strategic collaboration are all set to tighten, and we may see a more explicit reflection of this geopolitical reality driven by the hostile behaviour of an expansionist and revisionist power in China.


Decoding Chinese intrusion at LAC: India should not lower guard despite Beijing's conciliatory tone, here's why

The threat of “war” and the context make it obvious that Xi Jinping demands both domestic and global attention.


Is this government pushing India back to the Indira era? Idea of economic nationalism will work only if backed by structural reform

Narendra Modi, who had positioned himself over the years as a trade liberalist and a free-trade champion on global platforms such as Davos, has been taking an increasingly and distinctly protectionist turn.


Taiwan issue: China’s actions along LAC a dare to Narendra Modi govt as India readies for leadership role at WHO

There are no coincidences in geopolitics. The sudden flare-up in border tensions between India and China is not a matter of chance.


India's walked a fine foreign policy line during COVID-19 crisis; test ahead lies in how Modi handles Big Powers

If India remains focused on its objectives without letting domestic political compulsions come in the way, the COVID-19 pandemic may propel India’s rise


COVID-19 crisis puts China's monopoly of global supply chains in focus, but presumptions of India benefitting are misguided, here's why

COVID-19 has thrown light on a global blind spot. The world has suddenly woken up to the reality that a hegemonic China has become the irreplaceable fulcrum of a globalised economy and is using that leverage to develop untrammeled power.


Rahul Gandhi's conversation with Raghuram Rajan sought to repackage dynast as an ‘intellectual,’ but ended up reinforcing exactly the opposite

Rahul Gandhi may chat with as many 'global thinkers' as he likes, but that won’t address his lack of credibility as a leader.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Mohan Bhagwat’s words against stigmatisation and blaming of Muslims is timely; throws light on RSS philosophy

The RSS recognises that its strength lies in staying connected to the people, and it understands that any shift in collective mindset can only be done through conversation, engagement and persuasion over a long period of time.


Deep rot in West Bengal during COVID-19 lockdown: Mamata Banerjee has reason to be touchy over Centre's fact-finding attempts

If Mamata's defence is that her state’s numbers are too low to demand attention, it is precisely for that reason that the data coming out of Bengal should be put under severe scrutiny. Worldwide, the pandemic has established a link between number of positive cases and testing.


Coronavirus outbreak: WHO is no scapegoat; Trump is justified in freezing funds for China’s geopolitical instrument that did little to contain spread of the pandemic

The novel coronavirus could have been stopped in its tracks multiple times had the WHO shown a little more spine in standing up to China


South Korea or Taiwan's model of battling against COVID-19 may not work in India or West as culture shapes largely battle against pandemic

The pandemic, however, poses tougher questions still. No nation can remain locked down indefinitely. So, the key question is, will the lockdown measures be enough? If not, what may India do? Let’s return to data briefly to assess this question.