articles by S Murlidharan


Budget 2022: Nirmala Sitharaman offers weak consolation prize for honest taxpayers

Union Budget 2022: The one-size-fits-all section 80C deduction for a range of savings and investments remains untouched


Bankers’ 3Cs phobia: More persons should be brought on board loan panels to make lending a responsible task

Banks must involve the officials involved in the loan sanctioning process in the recovery or collection process as well..


Boosting investments: Govt gives up obsession with round-tripping; need of hour to spur foreign fund inflows, make India manufacturing hub

Investments in the domestic capital market through participatory notes, led by equity allocation, rose to Rs 81,220 crore at the end of April 2019 on hopes of favourable market conditions.


Narendra Modi govt mulling revival of estate duty, BCTT: Banking transactions should be encouraged with incentives

Banking cash transactions should be encouraged and correspondingly cash transactions discouraged through incentives for the former and not through tax on the latter.


Miffed with Narendra Modi govt’s actions against US firms, Donald Trump threatens retaliation by ending GSP

The benefit to Indian exports is very low given the already low US customs duties. The GSP is more symbolic than valuable.


E-commerce policy shouldn’t blow hot and cold about exclusive deals; online marketplace can't be blamed for sellers' misdeeds

One of the clarifications was that marketplace model of e-commerce and exclusive dealings were contradiction in terms.


GST collections: Statistics belie potential but Narendra Modi govt's tax reform is still a work in progress

Indeed GST collections statistics belie the potential of GST i.e., what is in store for the nation from this historic makeover to the one-nation-one-tax eschewing the cascading effect.


Retirement funds investing in IL&FS: IBC order of priority can’t be blamed for funds' folly and greed

In the light of the IL&FS fiasco, employees must also be asked to give their consent to bonds and commercial papers.


Tax rebate under section 87A: Here's all you need to know about this 100% relief and who can benefit from it

If the householder happens to be supporting a very large family, he might not be able to save much in the tax-savings avenues


Not filing income tax returns will cost you dearly as ex-parte assessment proceedings can be troublesome

The CBDT is aware that despite indulging in high value transactions, there may not be any taxable income to warrant filing of return.


Budget 2019: Govt should raise tax on individuals earning above Rs 50 lakh to 40%; impose levy on super rich to fund welfare schemes

The interim budget 2019 to be presented on 1 February 2019 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley can correct this skew with some path-breaking reforms that might appear to be just reversal of the past policies.


Note ban anniversary: Why India needs another round of demonetisation to weed out black money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can take heart from the fact that the biggest reveler in cash, the real estate industry has been humbled


Small-scale units dwindling in the wake of GST isn’t a good omen, feather touch taxation will assuage them

The GST scheme seems to have unwittingly left the small-scale units on the wrong side---they have been for the first time made to feel the heat of taxation


Narendra Modi speech on bank NPAs has hit the right target; bad loan menace is UPA-era product

What makes Narendra Modi’s remarks ominous for the nation is his assertion that during the 6-year period, loans were sanctioned through what he humorously calls phone banking---behest lending at its worst.


Death is supposed to be the greatest leveller, yet accident compensation varies capriciously depending on how one dies

Death by an air accident begets the greatest amount of compensation by far; the railways lags behind considerably.


Vijay Mallya case: London Court’s ruling in favour of Indian banks sends strong signal to global crooks

Vijay Mallya thought he would be comfortably ensconced in his London outskirt home thumbing his nose at the clutch of Indian banks nursing unrecovered loans of close to Rs 10,000 crore together with interest.


Cash crunch: Cashless economy is still far away; govt hasn't done enough to push digital transactions

The steps thus far taken by the government are few and unsubstantial like 0.75 percent cash back on card payments in petrol bunks, waiver of user charges for online booking of rail tickets, etc.


Modicare: Managed medicare could be the third model apart from trust and insurance models

It's too early to say which model is the best. One also cannot be dogmatic. The first two years will bring to fore the pitfalls and good aspects of a model.


US protectionism: Call centre business model will be under threat if Americans choose to speak to their own

The wisdom of and rationale for setting up offshore call centers remain and continue to make sense. It is the cost advantage.


CIBIL-like regime for corporate loans need of the hour, CRISIL-like regime not enough

What raises eyebrows is the absence of a similar regime for corporates like CIBIL who are by far the heaviest borrowers and defaulters.