articles by Siddhant Mohan


Shia Muslims in Uttar Pradesh likely to support BJP, say saffron party is inclusive and gave them important positions

A large number of Shia Muslims have paid their allegiance to the outfits owned by BJP and RSS.


Ram temple dispute: As right-wing turns up Hindutva heat, Ayodhya's Muslims look to move past issue

Many say the construction of the Ram temple will close one chapter for the BJP and open another.


Ayodhya dispute: Temple town on edge as Shiv Sena, VHP, RSS raise pitch for construction of Ram Temple

In Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, there is presently an atmosphere of fear, as agitations are taking place seeking the construction of a Ram Temple.


Ram Mandir dispute: Saffron posters dot roads to Ayodhya as Hindu groups gear up for showdown on 25 November

With VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena aligning themselves for the grand meet at Ayodhya on 25 November, the walls of cities and districts in and around Ayodhya are plastered with saffron-coloured posters, saying, “Chalo Ayodhya (Let's go to Ayodhya)” with an image of Lord Rama in a war mode