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Build 2018: Artificial intelligence, cloud and a dash of AR and VR from Microsoft at this year’s conference

Just like last year, expect lengthy demos on AI this year as well, with the severe lack of consumer products, just like a developer event should be.

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Mi Pay in India? Xiaomi India head Manu Jain believes its user base is not ready for it yet

Xiaomi's strategy when it comes to selling products is to get users hooked on to its hardware and offer users internet services to pick from.

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Nokia 7 Plus first impressions: Good construction, design and hardware makes this smartphone the poster boy for the ‘new Nokia’

Going by the decisions made by Nokia’s design and engineering teams, it’s evident that the Nokia 7 Plus is not out to ape any other manufacturer.

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Apple iPhone X: Looking for a reason to pre-order the tenth anniversary iPhone? Here are 10

Not sure about spending close to a lakh on Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone X? We’ll give you ten reasons why you should!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 first impressions: A practical tablet with a worrying price tag

The design of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Tab A is not much of a sea change when compared to the current crop of tablets it currently has on offer.


Tiger eats Flipkart: Indian startups must learn that funding always comes at a heavy cost

Recently-appointed Flipkart CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy seems a specialist, who comes with his special set of skills from the Lee Pixel army and knows the ins and outs of e-commerce like nobody else