articles by Shantanu Guha Ray


Riots in Basirhat has nothing to do with religion, it's a Hindu-Muslim fight over controlling cow smuggling

The illegal cattle trade is a sprawling industry, stretching from the border to the tanneries in Bangladesh, the cash meaning something different to each person along the supply chain.


Tigerland: Why Pilibhit's impoverished villagers are deliberately venturing into tiger territory

In India, deaths caused by wild animals outside forests are compensated with a Rs 10 lakh purse, (but) not inside tiger habitats


Gorkhaland demand: How the ongoing GJM agitation is killing Darjeeling's flourishing tea industry

The current GJM shutdown will, arguably, be the biggest blow to the Darjeeling tea brand ever since it hit the markets five decades ago.


Bogged down by examination anxiety, parental pressures, Indian children have lost the ability to dream

Parental pressure in India is among the worst in the world, with most seeking top performances for proud living room discussions. Students can't defy this pressure, and end up succumbing ahead of board examinations


RSS to sell products made from cows: BJP ideologue says it's pure economics, not Hindutva agenda

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the powerful think-tank of the ruling BJP-led NDA government, will now be in the business of selling products from the cow as medicinal properties.


NSE crisis: Will Sebi initiate a deeper probe into the alleged unfair trade practices?

The probe, claim those in the know, will look into Narain’s proximity to top officials in Sebi including former chairman CB Bhave


India's knowledge superpower dream is dying; bureaucrats are dismantling our higher education system

India’s higher education system is undergoing a slow, yet steady dismantling process. Seasoned bureaucrats are removing a host of key subjects from their core bodies to ensure greater acceptability among students.


Delhi University's unrealistic cut-offs give nightmares to students, parents; CBSE must rethink evaluation process

In New Delhi — India's National Capital, home to the prestigious Delhi University and its clutch of top-notch colleges, pandemonium prevailed as authorities asked those above 95 percent to wait for special orientation classes.


Marks moderation row: CBSE won't challenge order in Supreme Court, but no end in sight to troubles

The Central Board for Secondary Education, India's biggest educational board, has indicated it will announce results of the Class XII examinations within 48 hours — by 27 May, 201 7 — and abide by the Delhi High Court decision that stopped the board from scrapping its mark moderation policy from this year.


Chandraswami: The rise and fall of the 'shaman-shyster' is traced in this book on India's godmen

Did Jayaprakash Narayan, counted among the most reverential politicians, write a personal letter to his friends to introduce Chandraswami, who eventually turned out to be India’s most dubious godman?


Narendra Modi may not wait till 2019 for General Elections: Will India hold 'dual' polls with states in 2018?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is apparently contemplating advancing the dates of the 2019 General Elections, due in May that year, to the fall of 2018.


CBI raids on Chidambaram and son Karti: Bureaucrat-politician corruption nexus set to take massive hit

At the heart of the day-long raids by the CBI at the residences of former finance minister P Chidambaram and his son, Karti, lie New Delhi’s attempts to lift the thick smokescreen that — for decades — has helped many route illegal cash: India’s growing menace of suitcase companies


Nepal cashes on as India's price cap send stents disappearing from country

The NPAA is convinced that hospitals make the highest profit on stents and — therefore — avoid audits to curb inappropriate use.


Aging ganglord Dawood Ibrahim urges associates to legitimise businesses, move to new regions

Of late, Dawood Ibrahim is encouraging his team to get into more legitimate businesses in other countries. He also finds it difficult to trust new faces, and there is a rigorous process to vet servants and syndicate members


Walking with the comrade: Naxalite ideologue Charu Majumdar's secret Delhi visit

In the 50th year of the Naxalite movement in India, a former comrade recalls his long-ago secret meeting with top ideologue Charu Majumdar


Charles Sobhraj, now 72, is hoping changed laws will let him walk out of a Kathmandu prison

Charles Sobhraj, the alleged 'Bikini Killer', is now trying his best to get on the right side of the law and walk out of Kathmandu’s largest prison


Vijay Mallya case: Settlement seems smarter, as extradition is likely to prolong loan default impasse

Reaching out to a settlement is likely to be a priority for Indian banks as well as Vijay Mallya as CBI inches closer to those involved in granting loans to the former liquor baron


Firstpost Investigation: Bengal's 'baby sale' racket saw 10,000 newborns sold in 20 years

Bengal’s illegal baby sale has flourished for a little over two decades and has seen a whopping 10,000 babies changing hands due to an ever-increasing demand from plush families in Mumbai and Delhi

First Cricket News

Virat Kohli demands Rs 5 crore as annual retainer for grade 'A' Indian cricketers from BCCI: Exclusive

Virat Kohli, claim officials, is not happy with the new contracts, and is now seeking a minimum rack rate of Rs 5 crore retainer for A grade cricketers.


How the Narada sting dust could trigger Bengal's biggest political sandstorm

Former Tehelka staffers, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, said the timing of the Narada News sting was indeed intriguing.