articles by Shailaja Tripathi


A new report captures what ails Indian arts and culture sector: Poor budgets and data, institutional vacancies

The Budget Guide by Sahapedia notes that the marginal budget alloted to the sector, which averaged at 0.11 percent in the last decade, fell to a miniscule 0.07 percent in FY22.


The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook: A collection of dishes and memories made at the iconic Bengaluru art space

This cookbook is an ode to 1Shanthiroad, where the food served has always played an important role, whether the occasion was the launch of an art exhibition, a talk or a performance.


With Lihaaf, a quilting project, artist Arshi Ahmadzai and her collaborators embroider a challenge to patriarchy

Artist Arshi Ahmadzai brought together women from Najibabad to work on a seven-metre scroll as part of Lihaaf, a quilting project. The women are of varying ages, of Muslim faith, and belong to the Nat community.


Toy-making artisans of Karnataka's Channapatna struggle to stay afloat without government help in lockdown

Karnataka's Channapatna craftspersons lead precarious lives like any other artisan in the country. And with the onset of the pandemic-induced lockdown, their woes have only increased through the months.


For the Maskbook campaign, how artists world over are using protective masks as canvasses for creativity

The Maskbook COVID-19 campaign has assembled artists from across the world, including Chhau mask makers and Mithila painters, to display their art forms and creative expressions on protective masks being used in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.