articles by Sanju Verma


Inflationary surge is a global phenomenon today, but Modi’s India has done much better than others

The BJP government has repaired and reinvigorated the Indian economy, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking the lead in combining the best of both — welfarism and unrelenting reforms


How Narendra Modi’s policies have empowered OBCs and wooed them​ to BJP

Parties like the SP and BSP have for decades paid lip service to the cause of OBCs who form a dominant 43-45 per cent of the total population in Uttar Pradesh


Government’s Air India move shows Narendra Modi is both a staunch welfarist and an outstanding reformer

The state has no business to be in business and that has been best amplified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for good reasons and more


How democratic dividend has been a hallmark of Modi-fied India

Contrary to a constant refrain that democracy under the Modi government has been under siege, India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has institutionalised meritocracy and development-oriented politics


Rafale 'kickback' controversy: How jet deal exposes the dirty hands of Congress

There are umpteen reports in the public domain which suggest in no uncertain terms that it is just not the Congress but it is the very Congress culture that is most decadent. For decades the party made the defence sector a den of brokers and middlemen


Why Opposition’s claims on oil price rise are nothing but crude propaganda

Fuel prices have risen not only in India, but elsewhere too. Even if one ignores it, the fact is that state government taxes account for 41.67 per cent of the final petrol price


Defanging outmoded APMC model and altering essential commodities act will unlock value, empower farmer, writes BJP economist

APMC Acts empower state governments to demarcate their geographical region into various ‘notified market areas’, headed by a market committee for each market area. Over time these committees became authoritarian, leading to a monopolistic structure, antithetical to the cause of welfare of the farming community.


Coronavirus outbreak: Damage to India’s economy has been contained by quick policy decisions; imperative that RBI cuts rates only if needed

The RBI should cut rates only if it needs to and when it wants to--not because other central banks are doing so.


With high GDP growth, Modinomics works without compromising on fiscal discipline or inflation, argues BJP economist

It is amply clear now that revisions in the GDP numbers have happened regularly, even during erstwhile Congress-led dispensations.


PMEAC member Rathin Roy's claim of consumption boom petering out is out of sync with economic momentum on ground

Besides Make in India, the road to a 10 percent GDP growth for the country is being driven by the ongoing revolution in communications


Modinomics underpins need for leader who can deliver political stability, economic development, argues BJP economist

The sheer pace of Modinomics, versus the laxity of Manmohanomics, is evident from the fact that of the 23 IITs in India, in 71 years of independent India, 30 percent were set up in just two years by the Modi dispensation!