articles by Sanjeev Nayyar


Manipur: Here's how a BJP-led government can transform the state

Now that Manipur has a BJP-led state government for the first time after years of Congress rule, expectations are high. Here are some ideas for the BJP government in the state and Centre and re-energise the people of Manipur and transform the state.


Daring the dragon: It's time for India to forget Pakistan and focus on ways to counter China

If the latest developments in India-China relations have established anything, it's that India has more reasons to be cautious of China than Pakistan


Should Indian Army take over running schools, training centres for an incompetent state govt?

Apart from fighting proxy wars and conducting surgical strikes, the Indian Army also runs schools, manages women empowerment centres and handles vocational training centres in Jammu and Kashmir.


Uri terror attack: To reclaim a sense of history, India needs war museums like Hall of Fame in Leh

Our experiences from 1947 onwards and learnings there after are inadequately documented & not available in the public domain; thus, India needs war museums.


Plebiscite in Kashmir: Is Jyotiraditya Scindia missing the 'Crown'?

By reference to the 'crown' and 'plebiscite' in Kashmir, what message is the uncrowned Maharaja of Gwalior giving to the people of independent India?


Ten behavioural traits India must change to successfully counter Pakistan

Here are ten behavioural traits that have not served India in the past, which must change if it has to successfully counter Pakistan.