articles by Sandipan Deb


Why liberalism today is everything but not what it was actually supposed to mean

Most people who proudly label themselves as ‘liberal’ are probably the most illiberal people around


Holmes not alone! Why Elizabeth’s Theranos may not be the only start-up with dubious character

Elizabeth Holmes promised a concrete product — it either existed or did not, it either worked or did not. And, unlike others whose unicorns may actually be sheer vapourware, her lies could be pinned down easily


Why liberals should not pick and choose outrages based on their whims and fancies

Liberals enthusiastically pick the Munawar Faruqui saga, but remain silent on the lynching of two sadhus by a mob in Maharashtra. This blinkeredness is not serving any true liberal clause in any real sense


How India’s T20 loss to Pakistan lets our social media ‘liberals’ take off their masks

It is shameful that these ‘liberals’ wantonly celebrate a defeat, are more cruel to the Indian team than the ‘illiterate’ fans they scoff at daily, and make it out to be a defeat for India as a nation


Why Nobel Prizes are often not noble, especially in Economics, Literature and Peace

The Nobels in the physical sciences are fair to a great extent, because that is the very nature of science. But the Economics, Literature and Peace awards lists are rife with mistakes and missteps. It is astonishing that the Nobel Prize still enjoys the reputation it does