articles by Samanvya Hooda


'No first use' of nuclear arms policy gives India many advantages; govt must clarify doctrine after Rajnath Singh's tweet

India's nuclear threat environment consists of two countries with vastly different nuclear postures. China espouses a doctrine similar to India's, that of 'assured retaliation', with a small number of nuclear weapons and an arsenal designed to survive a nuclear first strike.


India's Iran policy needs an intricate balancing act; New Delhi has Chabahar port, US ties at stake and China waiting on sidelines

Considering the downside in not acting proactively, one can hope India's foreign policy establishment is entrenched in discussions about Iran around the world.


Donald Trump and the art of ending a nuclear deal: Iran's domestic politics, India's interests to be hit hard

President Donald Trump has decided to re-impose sanctions and pull out of what he referred to as "the worst deal ever", and what others celebrated as one of the diplomatic victories of the decade