articles by S Giridhar


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: Read an excerpt from S Giridhar's book on committed, resilient educators

One of the many core beliefs and pedagogical practices observed by S Giridhar in Indian rural government schools was that the teachers try to make the learning experience interesting for each child and respect the existing knowledge they bring to the classroom, using it to build new knowledge.


Teachers at Uttarakhand model schools go the extra mile to bring quality education to children from poor families

In 2015, Uttarakhand decided to create one model primary school and one model upper primary school in every block. Many teachers are going the extra mile to make the initiative work.


Ordinary women, extraordinary stories: These teachers in rural India's schools are real-life heroes

In government schools in rural India, female teachers are everyday heroes | #FirstCulture


Internet and WhatsApp are revolutionising Uttarakhand's schools, giving teachers a forum for self-development

A key reason for the gradual increase in the number of people attending voluntary teacher forums in Uttarakhand schools recent times is the role of WhatsApp groups that teachers have formed


Scraped knees and spirited minds: How an Uttarakhand girls' school defied odds to become kabaddi champion

The Damta Kanya Upper Primary school in Uttarakhand showed how a good school can be a life-changing experience for girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


In Uttarkashi schools, a poem inspires teachers to reflect on classroom interactions, make learning fun for students

Teachers in Uttarkashi district's government schools have taken a liking to a reflective approach in teaching with them documenting classroom interactions and using it to find ways to make education fun and interactive


Rural school teachers are trailblazers, ensuring students' scientific temper is not confined to rote-learning

As we crisscrossed the Ganga and Yamuna Valley in Uttarkashi district, visiting government schools, we met teachers bound by a shared passion to teach Mathematics and Science in a manner that would kindle a lifelong liking for these subjects.