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The Hamilton musical is a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Why the Hamilton film feels even more zeitgeisty

The Hamilton film, as creator Lin-Manuel Miranda points out, is “a reminder, when live theatre isn't going to be back for a long time, of just how vital live theatre can be”.


I'll Be Gone In the Dark: HBO adaptation of Michelle McNamara's book could reflect best and worst of true crime genre

As much cautionary tale as public service, Michelle McNamara's I'll Be Gone In the Dark — on the hunt for the Golden State Killer — gets the docuseries treatment courtesy HBO


HBO's Perry Mason recasts crime-fighting hero in a way that's less Erle Stanley Gardner and more Raymond Chandler

In HBO's series, gone is Erle Stanley Gardner's suave courtroom saviour and in his place, we have a shabbier, down-on-his-luck Perry Mason, played by Matthew Rhys, making his living as a private eye in 1930s Los Angeles.


What We Do In the Shadows season 2 review: You won't regret sinking your teeth into this bloody good caper

What We Do In The Shadows S2 is a worthy follow-up to the film and original season. Amid the pall of doom and gloom that currently envelops us, sinking your teeth into this comedy about vampires offers much-needed respite.


Homecoming season 2 lacks the brilliance of its predecessor, but keeps up with narrative twists, stellar casting

The conceit of Homecoming season 2 is similar to the original: a woman with memory loss (Heidi Bergman — played by Julia Roberts in season 1, and in season 2 Jackie, played by Janelle Monae) tries to piece together crucial information she has forgotten.


Will Snowpiercer, Netflix's adaptation of 1982 French comic and Bong Joon-ho's 2013 film, go the distance?

Netflix's Snowpiercer comes amid headlines about how the super rich jetted off to disaster bunkers, private yachts and holiday homes to sequester themselves during the coronavirus crisis, while millions of others are barely getting by.


A summer within, a summer without: Thoughts on watching a beach in Italy's Boccadasse

In a 'cruel summer', watching days and nights unfold on Boccadasse's beach


Game of Thrones' deeply divisive finale aired a year ago today. Revisiting one of its most powerful scenes

Widely panned though it was, the eighth season of Game of Thrones was not without its moments of beauty — and neither was that divisive finale, which aired a year ago today.


Westworld Season 3, Episode 8 review: A soaring, hopeful finale that delivers the message a world in crisis needs

This is a finale that represents the very best of what Westworld can be — visually, thematically, emotionally. In writing its ode to humanity, HBO's star also writes an ode to itself.


Rishi Kapoor passes away at 67: Revisiting Khullam Khulla, his autobiography offering a ringside view of Bollywood

In his autobiography Khullam Khulla: Unsencored, Rishi Kapoor forth in detail about his famous family (including his father Raj Kapoor and son Ranbir Kapoor), his equations with his contemporaries (as well as superstars Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna), the highs and lows of his film career, the moviemaking business, and a couple of scandals


Westworld Season 3, Episode 7 review: Dolores and Maeve square off, but this is the Caleb Nichols show

'Passed Pawn' — the seventh and penultimate episode of Westworld's third season — blows Caleb's backstory to bits.


Netflix's Unorthodox richly details world of Satmar Hasidic Jews, in an emotionally resonant emancipation story

Unorthodox and Tiger King may both be among Netflix's most buzzworthy new offerings, and both are based on (to varying degrees) true stories, but Unorthodox is everything Tiger King is not: delicate, nuanced, and a work of art.


Westworld Season 3, Episode 6 review: All hail Charlotte Hale — Tessa Thompson is the MVP of 'Decoherence'

In Westworld S3 E6, the action pivots away from Dolores to three others: Maeve, Charlotte and William. But Charlotte is the one to watch.


How Game of Thrones went from a show that could do no wrong, to one that could seemingly get nothing right

Winter is Coming — Game of Thrones' first-ever episode — released nine years ago today. After that triumphant debut, who could have foreseen the ignominy with which it would bow out, eight seasons later?


Westworld Season 3, Episode 5 review: 'Genre' explains Serac's origin story, then muddies up Caleb's

Westworld season 3's fifth episode — 'Genre' — told us a whole lot more about the world it is set in, and it did so by delving into the backstory of Serac, the enigmatic Frenchman who built Rehoboam.


Westworld Season 3, Episode 4 review: 'The Mother of Exiles' plays wicked games with truth and reality

'The Mother of Exiles' covers a whole lot of terrain. Here's what we now know, after Westworld Season 3 Episode 4 —


Westworld season 3 episode 3 review: 'The Absence of Field' adds more twists and turns to a complicated plot

If there were any lingering doubts at all that Westworld season 3 is bringing out the big guns to impress, then episode 3, 'The Absence of Field', lays them to rest.


Tiger King review: Murder, mayhem and madness reign in Netflix true crime docuseries based on Joe Exotic

There are moments from the new Netflix true crime docuseries, Tiger King, that seem almost scripted in their sheer outlandishness.


Reply All's PJ Vogt on 'The Case of the Missing Hit' — the podcast episode being considered among the medium's best

A '90s pop song that no one seemed to have heard of, and of which no trace could be found on the internet. A caller who'd tried for months to locate the original. And a dogged host who wouldn't give up. Reply All | PJ Vogt | Gimlet Media | #TheCaseOfTheMissingHit


Westworld Season 3 Episode 2 review: With its focus on Maeve, 'The Winter Line' gets very Inception-esque

Like a Russian nesting doll, episode 2 of Westworld season 3 — 'The Winter Line' — reveals secret after secret, stripping off yet another layer of illusion each time you think you've reached reality.