articles by Rohini Mitra and Aditya Srinivasan


Refugee policies in Brazil, Uganda, Turkey offer lessons for India, but realities of influx, political contexts cannot be ignored

In the first part of this series, we analysed refugee policy in three countries that, like India, have also not signed the RC51 (and its1967 Protocol) – Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Jordan. In this part, we will explore the refugee policy regimes of key countries in the Global South that have – Brazil, Turkey, and Uganda.


Opening up India's borders for refugees isn't a zero sum game, nation can learn from Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon

Over the years, despite no national framework, India has followed a relatively generous, though ad-hoc, approach to incoming refugees. Considering this strong historical record, the recent Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) building on the 2015 amendments to the Foreigner Act Rules, appears particularly arbitrary.