articles by Rituparna Chatterjee


COVID-19 has robbed Indian women of their hard-won privacy — that obscure thing society thinks they don't need

As women, we wear our confinement as our second skin. In return, what we have carved out is our own space — a necessity that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away


To be a feminist atheist in India: Hate-filled and violent responses make even the act of offering solidarity fraught

Many Feminist Atheist Women navigate life and work by keeping our opinions on religion largely to ourselves unless we have the assurance of a safe space.


What The Love!: Karan Johar's Queer Eye-style show on Netflix tries to be woke but ends up reaffirming stereotypes

Love can be found with a bit of a deliberate messing up of the hair (because women apparently dig that) and ditching the dumpy kurtas for waist-accentuating daywear.


#MeToo in India: 2018 has been an exhilarating, emancipating year for women in entertainment

What’s not to love about women who throw off the shackles of celebrityhood to lend their voices to worthy causes, cuss, fight and love on their own terms?


#MeToo: Mumbai real estate firm's bosses accused of sexually harassing two foreign nationals

Two women — an architecture student from Caracas, Venezuela, and a digital marketing professional from Morocco — said they were sexually harassed by the top executives of real estate company Xrbia when they came to India for a global internship programme arranged by international youth organisation AIESEC


What really happened at the meeting with Twitter's Jack Dorsey: An open chat, not a planned attack on Brahmins

The statement is a little disappointing because, while business concerns are real for a company like Twitter, elsewhere in the world they stand up for what’s right.


Bring places of worship under POSH, says lawyer Flavia Agnes as NCW seeks to review 2013 Act

Flavia Agnes was among experts who attended the one-day consultation at the New Delhi office of the National Commission for Women (NCW) to review the POSH Act, 2013.


#MeToo: Ad agency Utopeia's co-founder Mitali Srivastava Hough says harassment led to her resignation

Amid the ongoing #MeTooIndia movement, Mitali Srivastava Hough of Utopeia says she was targeted for speaking out about the alleged misconduct of her agency’s other co-founder, Sudarshan Banerjee


#MeToo: Women allege sexual harassment at All India Radio's Dharamshala, Obra, Kurukshetra stations

Three women who narrated accounts of sexual misconduct and lack of reparation at three All India Radio stations — even after going through the process of filing complaints with the IC, and in some cases, despite registering police complaints.


#MeToo in India: Ira Trivedi sends legal notice to Chetan Bhagat, says 'women can win self-respect through boycott'

Chetan Bhagat on 15 October put up a screenshot of a mail Ira Trivedi wrote to him in 2013 to counter her claim that he tried to forcibly kiss her in his room after inviting her to tea at the India International Centre.


#MeToo: Former TOI employee files police complaint against Calcutta Times editor in sexual harassment case

Three journalists have levelled charges of sexual harassment against Satadru Ojha, editor of Calcutta Times and one of them has filed a formal complaint with the Taratala police station of Kolkata on Wednesday.


Journalist Mayank Jain resigns as principal correspondent at Business Standard amid sexual assault allegations

In a text message, Editor Shyamal Majumdar said, “Mayank Jain resigned and it has been accepted with immediate effect." On being asked what will happen to the inquiry, Majumdar said the "inquiry will take its natural course."


Is India’s #MeToo moment here? Women are angry and they are naming and shaming their abusers

Women are making it clear that they have had enough and they are ready to call out their abusers in public, evident from the multiple threads on Twitter of them naming and shaming harassers and finding support from others who have had similar experiences.


#MeToo in India: Prashant Jha to have no managerial role at HT; Sukumar Ranganathan says daily 'will assess all claims stringently'

Prashant Jha’s conduct was called to question after lawyer Avantika Mehta, who met Jha through work, accused him of sending her inappropriate messages on Whatsapp.


Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment row: Nana Patekar and the problem with Bollywood’s defence of male anger

It’s no secret that Nana Patekar — a prolific actor and social activist — has always had a bit of a temper.


Tanushree Dutta harassment row: #MeToo won't come to Bollywood if women stay silent and men non-commital

The likes of Amitabh Bachchan must be questioned for their indifferent responses to Tanushree Dutta's claims that Nana Patekar sexually harassed her in 2008


Dingko Singh biopic stars Shahid Kapoor, but aren't stories from Manipur best told by its own people?

A new film on Dingko Singh’s incredible life, which has Shahid Kapoor playing the titular role, is bound to reignite the conversations around racebending and cultural appropriation.


Pallavi Joshi on being trolled for Rafale Video: Actor claims she is apolitical, but in tone that isn't quite neutral

With a series titled 'Easy Hai' Pallavi Joshi attempts to break down government decisions for people out of the daily circle of news and debate. In an interview, she further states she's not a political person.


Telangana temple's 'Rakhi Challenge' reinforces age-old notion that women need male protection

A rakhi challenge to ensure the safety of women is not only insulting to men but also an outdated idea in a world where women are proving that they excel at all spaces occupied by men and don’t need to be subservient to a “brother” or any other man for protection


Rahul Gandhi's willingness to hear women shows way for political parties, but change begins at home

In a country where politicians either deify women or dehumanise them Rahul Gandhi’s attempt on Tuesday — even if it’s strategically aimed at positioning himself among women opinion makers at some of India’s top media houses — was well received