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Ramachandra Guha on plurality of Indian 'cultures', and how a true patriot feels shame at their country's failure

'The ability to say my language, my religion, my nation is not perfect, and the desire to correct the failures and fault lines and oppressive features of your religion or your language or your tradition are vital to patriotism. A true patriot is someone who feels shame at the crimes that his or her country commits,' said Ramachandra Guha in his lecture ‘In Defense of India’s Pluralism’


Ramachandra Guha says jingoism ascendant due to hypocrisy of Left, intellectual, moral, and financial corruption by Gandhis

Historian Ramachandra Guha delivered the 23rd Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture in New Delhi’s India International Centre on 1 November, which happens to be Karnataka Rajyotsava Day and the 61st anniversary of the founding of Karnataka. Here are the key points he made, where he elaborates on the model of constitutional patriotism and then explains the difference between jingoism and patriotism: