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Laughing at ancient Indian science: Why critics need to embrace some humility

While some extreme claims have been made about ancient Indian science, it is better if scientists and journalists do not dismiss all claims as ipso facto absurd. Newtonian science itself was overturned in just over a 100 years.


Parsing the Sirisena win in Sri Lanka: Is this good for India?

Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa was too close to China for India's comfort. New Delhi would hope that President Maithripala Sirisena would help rebuild close ties between New Delhi and Colombo.


PM Modi's A for foreign policy marred by Putin's damp squib visit

The Narendra Modi administration has been generally successful in its foreign policy outreach, but Putin's visit was a damp squib.


Forget Kissinger, India should use Arthashastra for world domination

Of all the diamonds in our backyard -- Aryabhatiya, Ashtadhyayi, Mudrarakshasa – the most sober, ruthless and practical is Chanakya’s Arthashastra.


Why President Obama's Republic Day visit will be a disaster for India

It is true that Indian involvement in Afghanistan will help keep the Pakistanis at bay, but the blood and treasure we have to spend is immense. On balance, I think it’s a bad idea, but that might well be the pound of flesh the Americans want.


The Sanskrit non-controversy: Why it is indeed a superior language

People have thundered that the Sanskrit decision is preventing Indian students from aspiring to go to German universities, which is not true – most university education in Germany is conducted in the medium of English.


China's maritime threat: How India let its best bet Vizhinjam be sabotaged

For some years, India has under-invested in its Navy, and also in its commercial port infrastructure. These mistakes are now coming back to haunt the country, as our trade capability is affected, and there are long-term strategic holes that our adversaries are looking to exploit.


Modi's overseas ambitions: Vietnam and the reverse “string-of-pearls” to contain China

Vietnam is possibly most potent of China’s neighbors in terms of military skills; at any rate it is the only one to have defeated China in battle recently.


PM Modi's visit to Sabarimala will hopefully end the numerous woes of the shrine

It is good to hear that Sabarimala, the abode of Sri Ayyappa, is on Narendra Modi's sights. He should note the utter and deliberate neglect of a shrine by the state that collects money from Hindu pilgrims but does not spend on amenities


China's Prez Xi's visit: Why Modi and India came out on top

Thus the Xi visit to India as a whole can be summed up briefly: it was a test to see how far they could push Modi and they saw that he was a tough customer.


No more playing nice: Sarita Devi's protest a sign of Indians coming of age

Sarita Devi was a sore loser because she had gone to Seoul to win, and she knew she could, and that she deserved to win that semifinal bout.


Modi's 'Make in India' can woo US investors with only frugal innovation, not jugaad

while the general environment for business should certainly be improved, and priority sectors identified, there are some low-hanging fruit where India has competitive advantage, or it has significant positive feedback loops for country


Don't buy the hype: Modi's US visit will be all show and of little substance

Many people are thrilled with Modi’s visit to the US, especially given the theatrics of the earlier visa denial. But should we expect much from this trip?


Lessons that India can learn from the Scottish secession

The Scottish secession movement may have failed for now, but the last word has not been said on it. But the movement has lessons for India and how it conducts itself with the states


Tit-for-tat with Pakistan: Game theory suggests what PM Modi did was right

Game theory suggests that the best response to bad behaviour is a strong riposte. Modi's suspension of talks with Pakistan is thus the right response to Pakistan's perfidy in holding talks with the HUrriyat


The Guns of August are worse in 2014 than in 1914. Be afraid, be very afraid

World War I, which was really a European War, saw untold horrors. But the world today presents an even more dangerous scenario, with civilisations pitted against one another. Small actors like ISIS are now able to terrorise the world.


WTO: India is not really the villain, and it's another rap on the knuckles to the Americans

By not allowing the easing of trade through a Trade Facilitation Agreement, the West suggests, India has prevented the saving of up to $1 trillion in trade-related costs, and may even have mortally wounded the World Trade Organization (WTO).


Eyeless in Gaza, clueless in India: Why we shouldn't care

The Palestinians are the the world's uniquely downtrodden people, nor does India have any stake in the Israel-Gaza conflict. There is no reason for us to try and pander to the local outrage-mongers


Modi right to ditch English; we now need to decolonise our minds

Along with English, Indians are absorbing a worldview that comes attached. Time we became conscious of the mental colonisation it brings with it and how it alienates us from our roots. Our PM showed us how to make this shift


US is doing Modi no favour: in fact, he should remain wary of Uncle Sam

The US is not doing Narendra Modi any favour by meeting up with him. It is favouring itself. If they are courting him now, Modi should be worried.