articles by Rabeeha Abdurehim


Kerala, after the flood: Residents of northern districts return home to rebuild their lives; for some, going back isn't an option

Most places severely affected by the flood in Northern Kerala are households who depend on groundwater for drinking and cooking purposes. Wells are highly contaminated and instructions have been given to the people to chlorinate the water every week in the coming months.


Kerala floods: Calicut's Kakkodi is a story of resilience, survival as locals help each other get back on their feet

While various parts of central Kerala are still battling the ongoing flood, Calicut has started seeing sunnier days. The water levels are coming down and people are gradually trying to resume their normal lives.


Kerala floods: Twitterati slam national media for ignoring ravaged state, ask why is it not a 'national calamity' yet

With at least 164 persons losing their lives in Kerala since 8 August the state's citizens are outraged at how the national media isn't treating the situation with the gravity it deserves