articles by Purnima Suryawanshi


Watch: Anna Hazare says he's more optimistic about aam aadmi than AAP

Anna said that Arvind Kejriwal was a good person as an individual, but he will not support his Aam Aadmi Party.


Anna Hazare says media paid to not telecast his rallies

The social activist suspects that the government may have paid media outlets not to telecast his rallies.


Watch: Anna Hazare says why he’s unafraid of uncomfortable questions

The social activist is heading to the US this Independence Day and says he is unafraid of any comments that will be made against him.


I don’t want to be judgmental about Anna Hazare: Prakash Jha

Speaking about his upcoming film Satyagraha, director Prakash Jha said that he was inspired by the spirit of protest that’s been seen in recent public movements all around the world.


Exclusive: Watch Arjun Rampal talk about role in 'Satyagraha'

Speaking about his role in Satyagraha, Rampal said that his character (also named Arjun) was an interesting one.