articles by Pardeep Attri


The River Speaks: Bojja Tharakam’s poetry is a reflection on pain and struggle confronted by Dalits every day

The River Speaks is the latest addition to the poetry books of Dalit activist Bojja Tharakam, translated to English by Naren Bedide (Kuffir) and published by The Shared Mirror.


Sakshi Misra case: Inter-caste marriage important, but deeper problem is belief in scriptures promoting hierarchical order

It would be inadequate to merely quote Ambedkar's emphasis on inter-caste marriages, while ignoring his other warnings and apprehensions.


Haryana khap panchayat's directive against using caste surnames will do precious little to end discrimination

Dropping the caste surname might sound like an attractive idea, but it will not work in the long run to eradicate caste discrimination.