articles by Prachi Pinglay-Plumber


Akshay Indikar dreams in Marathi: 'I believe I can reach out to audiences with films made in my mother tongue'

Akshay Indikar, who hails from Solapur and belongs to the Gondhali nomadic tribe, doesn't consider Marathi as being a stepping stone to Hindi or English. He believes he can reach out to people in this language.


Uneasy calm in Bengaluru's Yelahanka after Srishti Institute students bore ire of locals, BJP MLA over Narendra Modi graffiti, dress code

Following the fracas, the college was closed and reopened on Saturday with students and faculty wanting to put the incident behind them.


In India, playwrights' labs present a novel way to train theatre enthusiasts in different aspects of the craft

Playwrights' labs conducted by theatre companies like Indian Ensemble and Rage Productions in India present a novel way to train in the various aspects of theatre.