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India and the Indian: How a country treats its own is the nationalism to be proud of, writes Omair Ahmad

While there is a nationalism that measures India in the world, there is also another nationalism that measures itself of India versus India, which is no less potent, and no less important.


Hate politics in Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Adityanath's lure isn't just about polarisation, but also angst of the down and out

We accept that the hinterland is a tinderbox; that people like Ajay Bisht — better known as Yogi Adityanath — are popular because of the bigotry.


Adityanath's appeal in Uttar Pradesh isn't about hate and bigotry, but the festering angst of those left behind

Speaking of eastern Uttar Pradesh alone — although this is a problem of far wider scope — there has been a radical narrowing of opportunities for the urban, aspiring young men