articles by Nisha Susan


Narendra Modi in Surat: Speaking of rape as a function of capital punishment numbers is reductive, insensitive

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave tips to students about coping with exams but, as it turns out, marks have not been his friend as the week progressed


Madhu Kishwar's 'free sex' jibe against Rahul Gandhi's promises is likely aimed at the concept of free love

Back when Madhu Kishwar was young and woke, the counterculture of the West had enshrined ‘free love’.


Key takeaways from Kerala Women's Wall: Burqa-clad ladies took part in the 'Vanitha Mathil'; Sister Lucy wore a churidar

If you're wondering why what women wore at the Kerala Women's Wall is important, you must know that what women wear is a major political attraction, regardless of the significance of the event.


Smriti Irani may or may not be squeamish towards menstrual blood, but her remarks show ability to write winning dialogue

Smriti Irani had said, "Would you take sanitary napkins steeped in menstrual blood and walk into a friend’s home? You will not. And do you think that it is respectful to do the same when you walk into the house of God?"


#MeToo in India: Lies may not have legs, but MJ Akbar's accusers have shown that courage does

Akbar's accusers seem unafraid. And that too is marvellous to see. Within a few hours the whopping 97 lawyers listed in the vakaalatnama of Akbar's defamation suit against Ramani has become the stuff of hilarity, with women writing new accounts about his behaviour and others pledging money to support Ramani's legal defence.


Dalit nurse's ragging in Karnataka replicates a deeply unequal society

It’s not enough to call nurses Sister when you actually mean Loser.


Vault of death: Facts about the dangerous 'Produnova' that catapulted Dipa Karmakar into Rio Olympics

Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian female gymnast to qualify for the Olympics, and she achieved the feat by accomplishing the dangerous art of 'Produnova'.


No mini-skirt ban in Chandigarh discos, but it wouldn't shock us if there was one

For a few hours, we all came to believe that hemlines will now be policed in Chandigarh. What would have been amazing was if we had all been amazed by this.


Violence against women is only one avatar of the misogynistic gaze of cinema

It will convince you, if you needed it, that violence against women is only one avatar of the misogynistic gaze of cinema. Cinema is equal to a male gaze, said an annoyed young friend recently.