articles by Nimish Sawant


India sets up Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics task force: What this means for future of metaverse in country

Experts claim "there is no reason why India cannot be a world contender in building the metaverse" if the announcement of the AVGC task force in Budget 2022 is followed by robust execution.

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The Cult of We Review: Brown and Farrell's definitive documentation of how WeWork thrived and eventually crashed

The larger question the book addresses is: What made a startup which was once valued at close to $96 billion in September 2018 (and was on the precipice of going public) implode so quickly that its valuation was stripped down to $2.9 billion by May 2021?

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In Brad Stone's book Amazon Unbound, critical perspectives on the transformation of Amazon, and Jeff Bezos

Brad Stone’s Amazon Unbound is not just a sequel to The Everything Store which he wrote in 2013, but also a thorough look at just how Bezos was able to keep the innovation engine as well as the cash coffers at Amazon on an ascending curve.


The Ventilator Project documents a thrilling 90-day startup journey, holds a mirror to our administrative flaws

The book makes one appreciate the challenges behind making a medtech product in India, while also showcasing the kind of roadblocks that an innovator faces when bringing their products to markets.


Oppo F19 Pro Plus Review: Significant improvements over F17 Pro, but has strong competition

The Oppo F19 Pro+ certainly corrects a lot of compromises and also offers interesting camera features.


Glitches in CoWin 2.0 hold up vaccination; Centre must upgrade app capacity to meet demand, say experts

There is confusion among citizens who are trying to register via the CoWin integration within Aarogya Setu app. According to the health ministry, there is no CoWin app registration for beneficiaries, only for administrators. Regular beneficiaries have to go via the self registration web portal mentioned above.


Samsung Galaxy S21+ Review: Great daily driver but not easy to recommend

If you just want an all-round daily driver which offers a flagship experience, the S21+ also has a lot going for it at a relatively lower price point.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Android flagship to beat

The S21 Ultra offers all the things you would expect from an Android flagship, and then some.

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Glitches in CoWIN app slow down COVID-19 vaccination drive, fixed for now

A critical component to the nationwide vaccination drive, the CoWIN app suffered from initial hiccups, causing delays and denial of service in many parts of the country


Xiaomi Mi 10i Review: Ticks most boxes

The phone offers a lovely design, decent display, good day-to-day performance, ample battery life and a very good daylight camera.

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COVID-19 disrupted technology, how we work, global supply chains: Here’s what to look forward to in 2021

If there was one company that saw a significant uptake post-lockdowns, it was video conferencing service, Zoom.


Krish Ashok's Masala Lab demystifies the science of Indian cooking in a way aspiring cooks will find delightful, accessible

Masala Lab is primarily meant for beginner chefs who can’t cook without the crutch of a recipe or a YouTube video.

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Elon Musk says humans will travel to Mars in six years, have fully autonomous cars in 10 years

“Digital superintelligence has the potential to be more dangerous than a nuclear bomb,” said Elon Musk in Berlin where he received the Axel Springer Award.


Realme 7 review: For mobile gaming enthusiasts on a budget

The Realme 7 looks good and offers a good value proposition for gamers on a budget. However, it falls short of being a complete package.


Oppo F17 Pro Review: Stunning to look at, but with too many compromises

Oppo F17 Pro looks stunning and is average in most other parameters. This is just not enough when you have OnePlus Nord enticing buyers for Rs 2000 more.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Review: A minor update to the Note formula, which still rocks

The Galaxy S20 Ultra certainly has stolen some thunder from the new Note flagship.


Pankaj Sekhsaria’s Nanoscale shines a light on how society influences research at India’s premier science institutes

Pankaj Sekhsaria takes us inside laboratories in India to show how the research inside these labs can’t be disconnected from the societal realities India lives with


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: The phone you want, but don’t really need

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers a gorgeous display, a variety of camera options, storage expansion and more at Rs 97,999.

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To highlight Indian migrant labour crisis during COVID-19, two artists walk 360 km in Europe

One of the principal objectives of the project was to create an awareness in Europe and beyond on the current struggles faced by migrant labourers displaced after COVID-19 lockdowns in India, who have been walking inhuman distances to get to their villages


Realme X3 SuperZoom Review: For lovers of zoom; others look elsewhere

The major strength of Realme X3 is the 5x periscope zoom camera and the dual front-facing cameras, which let you shoot portrait-mode videos.