articles by Nikhil Arora


Budget 2019 could veer towards populism; expect income tax rationalisation, higher deductions for healthcare and investment

Last year, personal income taxes were untouched and mutual fund investments were hit thanks to the return of the dreadful LTCG for equities


Govt-RBI rift: Bone of contention between the two is central bank's insistence on price stability

Through an agreement signed between the RBI and Government of India as on 20 February 2015, RBI decided to adopt a ‘modern monetary policy framework’ with the objective to ‘primarily maintain price stability, while keeping in mind the objective of growth.’


Cyber security is not an option: Five industries most vulnerable to attacks online

Hackers look to gain two things from cyber attacks – political advantage (threats towards a country) and financial fraud, the latter of these being the most common motivation.