articles by Neeti Biyani


WhatsApp sues GoI: Why traceability undermines encryption and puts us all at risk

Weakening encrypted systems to prevent crime is akin to solving one problem by creating a thousand more.


Indo-Swiss pact on hidden wealth: Why it isn't helping in India's fight against black money

Black money is known as illicit financial flows (IFFs) internationally, which are defined as a cross-border movement of funds that have been illegally or unethically earned, transferred or utilised


Budget 2017: Here are a few black money steps Arun Jaitley did not spell out on Wednesday

The budget speech however, did not draw attention to a number of initiatives taken by the government in the past few months to curb the menace of tax avoidance


Is India close to passing a law to identify true corporate ownership

With developing countries losing over $1 trillion to illicit financial flows a year, and $7.6 trillion of the world’s assets being held in offshore secrecy jurisdictions, it becomes crucial to close legal loopholes that allow anonymous companies to exist


The Panama documents are not the tip of the iceberg, they are a mere speck; here's why

The people benefitting from the global economy are those at the top, simply because our economic system is heavily skewed in their favour