articles by Neeraj Agrawal


Pathalgadi movement: Chattisgarh govt's undermining of tribal rights, PESA Act provisions led to resistance

What was seen as a landmark legislation to protect tribal rights is in reality proving to be not much of a protection to the tribals in Chattisgarh.


Pathalgadi movement: BJP's attempts to reap political dividends from ongoing rebellion fuel tribal ire

The ruling BJP in Chhattisgarh seems bent on reaping a political dividend from the ongoing Pathalgadi movement in the state by allegedly dividing tribals.


Chhattisgarh battles high poverty levels as creation of state 'for tribals' does little to benefit community

Chhattisgarh is showing record poverty levels among the tribals who make up one-third of the state’s population, although the state was created for tribals.


In battleground Chhattisgarh, BJP hopes to fight anti-incumbency, corruption charges with development agenda

In Chhattisgarh, where the BJP has enjoyed a 15-year rule, the party is faced with a double whammy of anti-incumbency and a likely pre-poll Congress-BSP alliance.