articles by Navin M Raheja


Recent leopard death in Gurugram shows we aren't ready to co-exist yet

As wildlife lovers in the national capital celebrate the presence of a leopard around Yamuna Biodiversity Park, the news of a mob killing a leopard in Gurugram on 25 November should worry us


Humans must take blame as conflicts with animals rise in Uttarakhand

Man-animal conflict in Uttarakhand has reached an alarming proportion. Rapid changes in the forest ecosystem, mainly owing to excessive human intervention and climate change, have been forcing wild animals to stray into human habitations often.


Machhli, Queen of Ranthambore and perhaps the most photographed tigress on earth: An obituary

One and a half years ago, the government released a postal stamp with Machhli's majestic face on it. She became the only big cat to have her own stamp.