articles by Nandita Saikia


Citizenship Amendment Act: BJP chasing ghosts in Assam; Census data shows number of Hindu immigrants may have been exaggerated

The BJP's goal of cultivating the support of a large chunk of Bengali Hindus in Assam using the the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 could very well be based on misconceptions if the available Census data is taken into account


NRC neither scientific in detecting illegal immigrants, nor in spirit of Assam Accord; indigenous people need constitutional safeguards

The outrage of the indigenous people on the immigration issue is neither due to their religion nor due to their language; rather it is because of what they experienced in front of their own eyes, in their very own lifetimes.


#MeToo: Examining the historical baggage of 'due process' and the limitations of rule of law

Due process is important for the certainty it involves, but it is critical to ask what else and who else it involves before suggesting that an abused person set legal mechanisms into motion