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Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers: The death of a young man in Kashmir

Gowhar Nazir Dar was an ambitious computer science student, beloved by his family, friends and teachers. On 7 November 2015, the 22-year-old engineering student went out to buy milk. But he never came back. Gowhar was brought dead to the hospital. His father says the doctors kept asking “Why did you bring him here?” The cause of death is listed as ‘tear gas shell’ and ‘bullet’ and the hospital-issued death certificate states that the exact cause of death was to be determined by an autopsy — an autopsy that doctors refused to perform. Bystanders and witnesses testify that Gowhar was shot in his head at point blank range by a Central Reserve Police Force personnel.The administration keeps changing the script: first they alleged that no tear gas or bullets were fired and then changed it to tear gas shells being fired because protesters were attacking authorities. It’s been over a year. The government probe had 18 witnesses testifying against the CRPF. No one has been arrested to date, nor has the probe report been made public.