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Kamu Iyer passes away: Revisiting noted architect's 2014 interview in which he spoke of Mumbai's metamorphosis

Kamu Iyer's observations present us with an alternative genealogy to understand Mumbai as it is today, writes Mustansir Dalvi.


Say goodbye to the Mumbai you know

The Existing Land Use (ELU) Plan of Greater Mumbai which the city's civic body uses for planning is considerably different from the realities on ground. What does this mean for Mumbai?


Why preserving Mumbai’s heritage is preserving Marathi asmita

While most of Mumbai's regional political parties have taken up the cause of preventing Shivaji Park in central Mumbai being declared a heritage site, they ignored how important the area is to the Marathi culture.


How Mumbai's pucca house dream got a quick fix

In Mumbai, where 60 percent of the population builds for itself, a cement company has changed the construction paradigm and given those in slums a real, quick shot at middle-classdom — a pucca house.


Kuber Sarup case: We're just bodies on Mumbai's moral streets

The Kuber Sarup ordeal tells you that your body, in public, is not your own. If at all it needs to be outdoors, it must be positioned appropriately. Ideally, the city implies — stay at home.


Garbage-in, garbage-out: The state of bricks in Mumbai

None of the rules of a quality brick apply to any Mumbai brick. But then, if the supply end is poor to start with, how could the constructed edifice be otherwise?


When Dharavi grows up, it does not want to be Shanghai

From tent cities to pucca neighbourhoods, slums possess a sense of order from their beginnings. Yet labelled 'difficult' areas by the SRA, the slums can deal with demolition but not the finality of rehabilitation.


The blue tarpaulin: what it bares about Mumbai's high-rises

The city's architecture defies climate. For Mumbai's high-rises, the need to be tower-like, an icon splashed on front page ads of national newspapers, is the problem.


Urbanism: What makes Shivaji Park more accessible than Oval Maidan

Walls, railings and boundaries make Mumbai's public spaces less accessible than they could be.