articles by Mudassir Kuloo


'Hunger will kill us before coronavirus does’: Migrant labourers in Kashmir say incomes have dried up and relief shelters are inadequate

In all, about 58,000 labourers from other states are stranded in Jammu and Kashmir, according to a survey by the Union Territory's labour department.


As Jammu and Kashmir leaders languish in detention, new entrants seek to fill political void in post-Article 370 scenario

Even as the current political leadership in Jammu and Kashmir faces a time of crisis, new young faces are trying to create a niche for themselves.


Dal Lake in distress: Kashmir's iconic attraction is facing a slow death by sewage as politicians look the other way

Though the Jammu and Kashmir government claims it makes all efforts to preserve the Dal Lake in Srinagar, there is little proof of effective implementation on the ground of cleanup projects.


Amid Jammu and Kashmir unrest, holding elections will prove a herculean task for state government

The Jammu and Kashmir governor has announced local body and panchayat polls for later this year; the Lok Sabha elections will be held next year; and the Assembly elections will have to be held if the governor dissolves the current Assembly.