articles by Monidipa Bose Dey


Bengali New Year: Busting the myth of Akbar starting Bangabda

Bengali New Year is primarily a Hindu festival, locally known as Poila Boisakh, or Nobo-borsho or Halkhata, which was established long before even Islam was born


Bengal’s never-ending night of political killings and Hindu persecution

As per the National Crime Records Bureau data, 47 political killings have likely taken place in West Bengal after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, of which 38 are said to be reported from South Bengal


From Goa inquisition to Moplah riots: As India debates The Kashmir Files, a look at Hindu genocides

It is now essential for Hindus to speak up for themselves and for the government to throw light on atrocities against them


Nothing new in Hindu genocide in Bangladesh, just nature of violence has changed

Like the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, it is time a Hindu Holocaust memorial be made too in memory of those Hindus who have been killed and raped in the past for just being a Hindu


The big Aryan-Dravidian debate: Inventing an invasion that never took place in India

Recent studies of the artefacts found from various Harappan sites, on the other hand, show a clear continuity in cultural and religious practices from the Harappan era to the current times


Decoding the great historical conspiracy to turn Saraswati into a mythical river

Recent scientific research, British era documentations by geologists and other experts, and our ancient texts speak of a mighty river that originated in the Himalayas and reached the Arabian sea


'Indians lack cultural unity and continuity from ancient past': People who say this are lying and here's why

Indian culture and religion do not lack continuity. They have evolved over time, but kept the core meaning and values intact