articles by Meher Suri


Sabyn Javeri's political thriller Nobody Killed Her makes for a gripping, pacy read

Sabyn Javeri, author of the high velocity political thriller Nobody Killed Her, expresses slight exasperation over her much-discussed debut novel being referred to as a "thinly veiled account" of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.


Amish Tripathi: 'My portrayal of Sita is closely aligned with Valmiki's Adbhut Ramayana'

Amish Tripathi recently spoke to us about his new book, Sita, The Warrior Princess of Mithila, the second in his Ram Chandra series


Watch: Alia Bhatt chats with Amish Tripathi about his new book, Sita — Warrior of Mithila

Amish Tripathi and Alia Bhatt got chatting over the trailer launch of his new book, Sita — Warrior of Mithila


Tanuja Chandra's anthology Bijnis Woman seeks to preserve essence of oral storytelling tradition

In writing Bijnis Woman, Tanuja Chandra is also making an effort to highlight stories of women, who she feels are an underrepresented demographic.


Mother's Day in Kamathipura: Women here want their children to be protected from the flesh trade

The mothers of Kamathipura want to see their children lead healthy and safe lives away from the red light district


2012 Delhi gangrape verdict: Respect women, end rape, millennials speak up in one voice

Murmurs of exaltation and disparagement would always be heard no matter what the judgment is. The only worry is will the word 'rape' ever disappear from the dictionary or is there another Jyoti Singh unknowingly waiting to be taken down the gory path again?


Giant bunny dies onboard: United Airlines makes its owner richer by five-figure sum as compensation

United Airlines has reportedly paid a five-figure compensation to a British rabbit breeder whose giant bunny died under its care, the second out of court settlement the beleaguered American airline has made in a week.