articles by Mayur Bora


Citizenship Amendment Bill: BJP dumps indigenes in Assam in a bid to make Hindu Bengali refugees citizens for poll gains

The BJP feels it would be able to make electoral inroads by pandering to a major section of the Bengali voters by invoking sentiments of Bengali linguistic nationalism especially in respect of those Hindu ‘refugees’ likely to enter India from Bangladesh.


Assam NRC: Human rights of non-citizens are important but indigenous Assamese need to protect their vanishing homeland

Migration before Independence from East Bengal and infiltration after Independence from East Pakistan and later on from Bangladesh into Assam had become so easy that it caused a profound sense of unease and fear in the minds of all Assamese people.


Deendayal Upadhyaya colleges: Assam govt's misplaced enthusiasm may dilute credentials of Hindutva ideologue

The recent decision of the BJP led coalition government in Assam to name five newly established colleges after Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya has raised the hackles of the majority of the people including many in the party itself.


Partial withdrawal of AFSPA in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh: BJP is finally paying heed to the writing on the wall

The Home Ministry expressed its readiness for a partial withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFPSA) from BJP-ruled Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.


Disbanding madrasa and Sanskrit boards in Assam: How a progressive decision gets mired in controversy

The decision to simultaneously dissolve the Sanskrit Board has deprived the regular critics of the government a very good chance to lambast it by flagging the card of discrimination in the name of religion.


Ulfa's misplaced sense of aggression against Dalai Lama underscores its eagerness to keep China happy

Therefore Ulfa (I) tried to invoke its name in order to garner some popular support. But the way in which their rant against the Tibetan leader has misfired is nothing but a commentary about the fact that no war on peace will be supported by the people on a sustainable basis.


Manipur elections paint a picture of BJP that the country should be wary of

Almost all political parties in our country can easily stake their claim for a patent on double-speak. This phenomenon has been slowly corroding the foundation of our democratic system for a while now


Sanskrit compulsory in Assam schools: When a ‘dead’ language deadens sense and sensibility

By imposing Sanskrit on govt school students, the Assam government is moving on a strange trajectory, effectively turning them into laboratory guinea pigs.


BBC documentary on Kaziranga denigrates a policy instead of depicting the truth

An unseemly controversy has erupted over a BBC documentary on the Kaziranga National Park in Assam in the last few days.