articles by Maya Palit


It's time to relieve women of 'home manager' role, even as debate rages over men's share in household chores

A discussion on Quora seems to have made many men in the country vocal about the skewed participation of men and women in household chores


Maharashtra may make sex determination mandatory: Plan could go horribly wrong; move undermines years of hard work

The plan to track parents during the pregnancy, to make sure they come in for tests and check-ups after being told the sex of foetus, leaves a lot of room for abuse by those intent on sex-selective abortions.


Book review: Pallavi Aiyar's 'Choked' exposes how India inhales polluted air at home

Aiyar remembers the sense of anxiety, bordering on hysteria, about environmental pollution during her time as a reporter in Beijing, and is understandably peeved and mystified by what she sees as "typical, blinkered, elite" apathy among Delhi's middle classes.