articles by Maneka Gandhi


Laterality in animals shows that many so-called unique traits of the human brain are found in wildlife too

Scientists repeatedly show that the traits we consider unique and based on a superior intelligence, are found in most animals as well.


Vegan business opportunities more plentiful, profitable; will help cause of animal rights in India

Vegans choose not to eat any animal products — no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey or other animal-derived ingredients.


Birds' ability to grasp language and grammar points to important link between human beings and animals

In mythology and medieval literature, the language of the birds is considered divine.


High time to act against illegal breeders of pedigreed dogs, make pet shops sell dogs and cats only from shelters

Illegal breeders are breeding lakhs of pedigreed dogs who are unhealthy, inbred and found in every pet shop, writes Union Minister Maneka Gandhi.


American souvenir-hunters causing 'silent extinction' of giraffes in Africa; it's time US put the animal on 'endangered' list

Giraffes are losing their lives to tribal hunting and to souvenir hunters in yhe US. In the last 15 years, the population of giraffes has fallen by 40 percent. Now, there are less than 80,000 left and they reduce every day


Animals don't deserve to die of maggots; have a heart and get them treated, it's that simple

Treatment of maggot-infested wounds is fairly simple; however, complete recovery can take up to 1-3 months depending on how far the maggots burrowed.


New theory says build up of pain waves from dying animals can cause quakes: Geologists will laugh, but hypothesis holds weight

The theory published in a book says that pain waves originating from animals being slaughtered can lead to a similar destructive outcome such as an earthquake.


High levels of arsenic in seafood are worrisome; studies show even harmless forms of chemical may be toxic

Seafood and seafood products contain high levels of arsenic compounds. The chemical element is mainly found as arsenobetaine. DMAsV or MMAsV can be found in various types of fin-fish, crabs, and molluscs. Arsenocholine, which is mainly found in shrimp, is chemically similar to arsenobetaine.


Rumi's teachings, principles of Sufism show why abstaining from animal slaughter is crucial in search for divine love

Stop killing animals, treat them with love and respect as another form of God and see how your happiness increases.


Arsenic kills silently as you relish your chicken and mutton dishes; high time to pick safe food

Acute arsenic poisoning can lead to vomiting, abdominal pain, watery diarrhoea containing blood, cardiac problems, destruction of red blood cells, vertigo, delirium, shock, coma and death.


Preparing meat-based food without animal slaughter may be next big breakthrough to avoid cruelty, environmental degradation

Cultured meat will change all that, freeing up grain and making it cheaper, making water available, making land available for the poorest.


As jellyfish population becomes a worldwide menace, how we treat our oceans needs urgent change

Jellyfish wreak havoc on the entire food chain. Without a curb on their population, growing hordes of jellyfish start eating the eggs of smaller fish, as well as their food supply.


Appetising in taste, adulterated in content: Your paneer may be gourmet's delight, but it might just be spurious

Throughout August 2018, there has been a statewise  “crackdown” over a thousand spurious milk product/paneer factories in Punjab (out of many thousand).


Animal testing is costly and inefficient; investment in more humane science may yield better solutions

It is time we looked at a smarter science that is human-relevant and can provide safer and more effective solutions to human health needs.


Cosmetic products often advertised as being made from 'natural sources' are not free of animal organs, secretions

Is it possible to be vegan in a world which is now totally dependent on truly useless things made from animals? When something is advertised as “natural sources” it usually means animal sources.


Sowing hope: How some women have given organic farming a fillip by collecting seeds of long-forgotten vegetable varieties

Organic farming for me is as important as animal welfare. Here are a few women who have changed thousands of lives by simply collecting old seeds of long-forgotten vegetable varieties.


Carbon dioxide touted as main contributor to climate change but methane does far more damage

While carbon dioxide is often painted as the main criminal in climate change, a far more deadly, and less talked about gas, is methane.


India's meat industry growing rapidly, but depleting a third of world's fresh water reserves

The meat industry uses a third of the world’s freshwater directly or indirectly. The global production of meat is moving towards doubling, from 229 million metric tons in the year 2000 to a projected 465 million metric tons by 2050.


Fish breeding often involves use of antibiotics, chemicals which harm human health and alter ecosystem

Antibiotics affect all the flora and fauna around the fish farms and alter the ecosystem. Nobody is safe anymore. First you eat the fish. Then it eats you.


Muslims and food: What can be eaten safely and what should be avoided as per Islamic law

Many Muslims have no idea of what they are allowed to eat. The maximum they know is that butchery is divided into two—Muslims eat Halaal and non-Muslims eat Jhatka. Here are the main categories of meat.