articles by KK Shahid


Cash-strapped Pakistan forced to rein in Kashmir-bound jihadists as looming FATF blacklisting will further ravage economy

Pakistan now has to keep a check on Kashmir-bound terror groups like JeM and LeT, whose actions can result in Islamabad’s blacklisting by the FATF, which could result in global sanctions that could further exacerbate the state’s economic crisis.


Pakistan continues to face FATF blacklisting threat due to inaction against Hafiz Saeed-linked groups

Pakistani government officials who participated in the FATF meetings reveal that the biggest concern of the task force is the status of groups affiliated with Hafiz Saeed.


Pakistan reacts to Pulwama attack with denial, dismissiveness; experts warn surgical strike will trigger 'retaliation'

While the Pakistan foreign office did officially condemn the attack, their intention was to send a message to the world saying India blames Pakistan for its own flawed policies in Jammu and Kashmir