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UN meddling in Indian politics: Top representative must be removed

The UN’s top representative in India feels free to lecture India but waxed eloquent about China during her tenure there. India must ask the UN to withdraw her.


India has little choice but to ally with democratic nations as China openly demonstrates imperialistic designs under world's watch

While America repositions itself, the ASEAN bloc is coming to the realisation that each of its 10 members may not be individually able to confront China’s aggrandising ambitions in the South China Sea.


Compulsory retirement of 12 tax officials: Govt should come up with structural reforms for radical change in bureaucracy

One of the drawbacks of the compulsory retirement rules is that they apply to those who have crossed the age of 50 or completed 30 years of service.


Narendra Modi's outreach to Opposition in victory speech shows he is interested in crafting legislative history

It was Narendra Modi looking to write his way into the history books as a leader with significant legislative accomplishments.


Government's lateral hiring plan shows serious intent, but reservations and bureaucratic trials may play spoilsport

The government has invited applications from the private sector to fill vacancies for 10 joint secretaries through lateral hiring.