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India and the Indian: My nationalism competes with China, not Pakistan, writes Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

Our political life, lived around only village panchayats before 1950, is now connected to a larger constitutional democracy. In the future, this nationalist view will gain more prominence. The RSS nationalism will slowly but surely wither away.


With global forces watching India-Pakistan ties, BJP-RSS can't solve Kashmir problem unless they shed anti-Muslim image

India-Pakistan tensions: The global forces see the Kashmir issue as a more contentious one. The human rights issue of both sides needs to be carefully weighed. Hindutva forces treat terrorist violation of jawan human rights and state violation of civilian human rights one and the same. But UN covenants and international understanding of state violation of human rights is treated at different level.


Hinduism denies spiritual rights to Shudras, Dalits and Adivasis

Societies in different parts of the world have introduced reforms towards equality but the RSS-BJP wants to take the spiritual system of Hinduism backward. This is the most dangerous situation India is facing today. Unfortunately, we are all witnesses to that process.