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WhatsApp has evolved into a fake news medium and needs IT solutions to fix things

While there is no easy solution to fight fake news, citizens are pitching in to wage war against it.


My meeting with temperamental math genius Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi was a brutally honest, temperamental genius passionate about numbers, recollects Kamala Thiagarajan.


Don't pop that Prozac: The rise of anti-depressant abuse in India

Afraid of the stigma of mental illness, Indians are turning to inexperienced GPs and illegal over-the-counter sales to medicate their depression. And it can be fatal.


Princess complex: How fairy tales poison our daughters

Beware! The pretty princess at the centre of your beloved fairy tale might be hazardous to your daughter's mental health, well-being and self-esteem.


The NRI double standard: Daughters, go home!

Nowhere is the Indian double standard more evident than in the bosom of a small section of seemingly modern, highly educated and sophisticated NRI’s who are sending their daughters 'home' even as they keep their sons by their side.


Stop multitasking. It's a brain, not an octopus

Multitasking seems like a job requirement today. Except, a study shows it's doing little, if at all, in getting the job done faster or better.